We Live and Breathe Growing Small Businesses


We are Dan and Kristiina the founders of Forget-YOU-Not Solutions.

We founded Forget-YOU-Not Solutions after robust backgrounds at a Fortune 500 and an Inc 1000 company. We combine the perfect blend of entrepreneurship and corporate consistency to grow businesses, just like yours! With academic backgrounds in research and policy studies and professional backgrounds in audit and program management, we help you do the right things, the right way at the right time, and then fine tune things for maximum results!

It's easier to make a change and upgrade your life with a team on your side. Forget-YOU-Not Solutions is your team to take your business from good to great as fast as possible!

Interested in:

Coaching? We get to know you and your business personally. We listen to your pain points and create a customized actionable plan to overcome them then work with you on execution.
Overcome your challenges today!

Creative Services?
You know that things you love about your business? Wouldn't it be awesome to focus on that and leave the stuff you hate (advertising, customer engagement, marketing plans, metrics etc) to someone else?
Let us do your marketing today!

We have over a decade under our belts of Facebook marketing. Your vision + our execution and fine-tuning through metrics = growing your business!
Outsource your Marketing today!

Doing It Yourself?
We have done for you guides, resources, and workbooks on some of the most common areas businesses just like yours struggle with. And the best part - group coaching comes with the purchase!
Do It Yourself with our support today!