Hi Jay! 

We are both SUPER excited about your wanting to incorporate exciting videos and photography into your branding and marketing plan.

Our goal from day one was to get you listed as the the BEST garage in Richmond by Style Weekly and this sort of content is really going to do great with your audience!

To get this content we have a four part plan to incorporate movie video effects and innovative photography techniques to create a visual wow that excites viewers and leaves them wanting more. We will of course be:

Video Branding & Marketing Plan
  • Animated logo at the front of each video
  • Cool Soundtrack overlay
  • Outro with #bestinhenrico
  • Call to action: like us/follow with links to socials
Example Intro


  • HDR of shop
  • Panorama of shop
  • Framed Photos in Waiting Area

Staged photos and framed photos in the shop polish your brand and create an upscale feel online and in the waiting room. 

  • Use photos to create a calendar for your customers


  • 180 video around the outside of the shop
  • Shot of sign - then rotate and fly through garage to other side
  • Sunset over the shop

A drone allows us to get a unique perspective of the property and do things that we cannot do with a camera or GoPro


  • Time lapse video of service being performed
  • Slow motion videos of things (welding, washing cars etc)
  • Steadicam 360s around cool cars

By filming at a fast frame rate (120 frames per second for example) and then slowing it down to 30 frames per second we can film in real time and then slow it down for that artsy cool look.

360 Video & Photo

  • Interiors of vehicles
  • Interior of garage
  • Front parking lot with cool vehicles

This is hot right now! And we haven’t seen a local garage that is doing anything like this!


360 Video & Photo




Idea: Car pulling into shop and then pulling video pulling up with sunset over garage


Sample video showing the sort of shots we can create:


Gameplan for success!

To maximize the quality of the content we are going to provide you with tech for you to keep at the shop and train you and the team on how to capture photos and videos of the vehicles that come in to the shop. A new Dropbox account will be set up so that anyone on the staff can upload photos/videos.

We will continue to stop by once a week to take photos and videos and get more information on photos/videos you guys have taken. We will pull the data from the Action Camera and color correct, edit to videos etc.

Anytime you have something cool you want special attention on – let us know and we will stop by!

Equipment we can leave at the garage you for your team to use:

4K Action Camera



360 Panorama


Fluid Video Head