Outsource Your Facebook Advertising and Save Money, Time & Stress

Let's save you time, stress and money when it comes to your Facebook Marketing!


Meet Your New Team!

Hi! Our names are Dan and Kristiina and we are passionate about helping people start and grow their businesses online!
Do you spend hours a week struggling with:

  • Coming up with a monthly marketing plan
  • Creating advertising campaigns
  • Engaging with your audience

Outsource your marketing and SAVE:

  • Time: the hours you spend creating, managing, and fine tuning your marketing.
  • Money: (we fine tune your marketing so your advertising dollars go to your target customer)
  • Stress: dealing with customer questions, engagement, and interactions

We take your vision and make it a reality!


Why Choose US

Focus on Your Vision Our Plan

We take your vision and ideas to create the best ad plan for your budget to make your vision a reality as fast as possible. We bring your vision to life!

Save Money

By outsourcing your marketing team you save on employee costs and overhead. Free yourself go to focus on the parts of your business you love and saves you hours a week!

Cost Transparency

We are your flat rate marketing team! Upfront pricing schedule with zero hidden fees and generous payment terms.

How We Work



We offer a FREE phone or Zoom consultation you'll share with us how your business works and what you hope to gain out your FB ads or ask us anything you want to know about Facebook ads.


This step involves initial ad design, budgeting, and ad length. We will provide you with an idea of overall costs based project, budget, how long we think you should run your ad, and the goal of you ad.


Once you approve the designs, budget, and dates we will begin running your ads and you will receive regular performance reports.  As the ad runs we will tweak its indicators based on performance for maximum results.


At the conclusion of you ad you will receive a report of your ad's performance so you can see how it did for future ads you may wish to run.

Forget-YOU-Not Solutions took our ideas and made them a reality. The ad campaign had exactly the impact we wanted to have with our business. By listening to our ideas and matching them with even better suggestions they helped us maximize our marketing without spending a lot of money. They are amazing!

Candice G